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Significant Event Response

Assessing Suicide Risk During Isolation

This presentation provides people working with youth online with information on exploring and managing safety concerns such as suicidal ideation. Liesje also provides information on valuable resources supporting young people's wellbeing.

Digital and Social Media

Cyber Safety Education

John is an Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant working with schools, the private sector and the health sector, providing specialist advice and direction on the safe and ethical use of Digital Communication Technology.

Health and Wellbeing

Child First Aid- Managing Children with Common Medical Conditions

Topics covered:• Managing asthma attacks, allergies and allergic reactions• Epi-pen use and management• Managing a seizure or partial seizure• The diabetic child• Choking• Treating bee-stings / insect bites• Head injuries, broken bones and bleeding

Organisational Development

Safe Food Handler Training for Staff

This course covers meeting Food Act training and compliance requirements: Food safety essentials; Legal & ethical responsibilities; Safe food 'KEYS'; Legalities; Food control plans; Verification's & self review; Documentation & record keeping

Organisational Development

Staff Selection – Safer Recruitment Strategies for Success!

This training covers: What the Children's Act 2014 states regarding safe recruitment of staff; Following steps to ensure staff are safe and suitable; What checks are needed and how to undertake these; Example questions for interviews and reference checks

Organisational Development

Health & Safety – Safer Sites (Part 1): Safer Excursions (Part 2)

This is a two part workshop: Part one: Safer Sites Safer Children. Part two: Safer Excursions Safer Children. Topics include: Health & Safety law, duty of care, hazard & risk assesment, transporting young people, third party providers.

Organisational Development

Pool Safety Awareness Training

Topics covered• Drowning explained• The statistics• Incident management• Health & Safety• Dead water• Active supervision• Bystander rescue

Professional Development

Safeguarding Children eLearning courses

Our organisation offers a range of online course including: Fundamentals of Child Protection; Child Protection for Out-of-School Care Providers; Child Protection for Local Government Children’s Workers

Health and Wellbeing

Sexual Violence: A Youth Worker’s Role

This talk focusses on impacts of sexual violence on a young person's life, how best to support from within a youth worker role, discuss the importance of boundaries and self care when doing this work, and how to work alongside families where appropriate.

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