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Digital and Social Media


This presentation over views online tools Sparx, Aroha chat box and Quest Te Whitianga and how these can be used in practice with young people and whānau

Digital and Social Media

Cyber Safety Education

John is an Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant working with schools, the private sector and the health sector, providing specialist advice and direction on the safe and ethical use of Digital Communication Technology.

Digital and Social Media

Understanding the Social-Mediascape of Young People

This session provides an overview of the current social-mediascape including what you need to know about the popular platforms, and what platforms you don't know but should.

Digital and Social Media

Social Media Policies

This session covers important information that Christian (session facilitator) has learned about creating social media policies for his team.

Digital and Social Media

Creating Content to Engage with Young People Online

Christian Gallen explains effective and creative ways that youth organisations can use social media and online platforms. This workshop offers an introduction-level training that may help generate fresh ideas for how to engage with youth online.

Digital and Social Media

Digital Ethics

Responding to the global pandemic by exploring online options requires unique ethical considerations. This session introduces ethical concepts for digital youth work and provides information and resources to enhance youth work online.

Digital and Social Media

Unlocking the Potential of Zoom for Collaboration

This session explores practical considerations for using Zoom effectively, using breakout groups, polls and other techniques for discussion, the importance of chat and reactions features and the benefits of Zoom vs Microsoft Teams and other platforms.

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