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Involve 2020 Breakout: Through Someone Else’s Eyes: supporting quality youth-adult relationships through direct observation methods

Research consistently identifies quality relationships with adults as a key driver of positive youth outcomes. However, few studies have explored how the communication strategies adult helpers such as youth workers and mentors use can either help or hinder

Involve 2020 Breakout: Vote 2020: what do the election and referendums mean for young people?

Did you know that 96% of old people are enrolled, and only 61% of young people are enrolled? Do these people represent your views? Do you want them to decide your future? How about the young people you work with? This year we'll all be voting in a national

Involve 2020 Breakout: Project SEARCH

ProjectSEARCH Canterbury is responding directly to the goals and aspirations of young people with intellectual and learning disabilities for paid employment. The programme directly encourages a collaborative, partnership approach to the transition from sch

Involve 2020 Breakout: Mana Taiohi Revolution

Mana Taiohi are Aotearoa’s youth development principles, authored by the youth development sector. They provide the foundation for our mahi with young people in this nation. These are informed by young people, people who work with young people, Te Ao Māori

Involve 2020 Breakout: Sexuality, Gender and Health Snapshot

A snapshot from a panel of experts on gender, sexuality and general health for young people in Aotearoa.

Involve 2020 Keynote: Guled Mire and Veena Patel

Guled and Veena talk about the work they do with a group of third culture young people in the Wellington region. They speak to the experiences of former refugee and migrant communities coming to New Zealand and help the Involve audience better understand w

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