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Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #9 – Practices Whai Wāhitanga

This session explores the Core Competency 'Practices whai wāhitanga – creating space for youth participation'. This is informed by the Mana Taiohi principle of Whai Wāhitanga.

Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #8 – Youth Workers are Reflective Practitioners

 This session explores 'Youth workers are reflective practitioners, informed by rich and diverse mātauranga'. This competency is informed by the Mana Taiohi principle of Mātauranga.

Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #7 – Upholds and Extends Manaakitanga

In this session, Jane Zintl will explore the Core Competency 'Upholds and extends manaakitanga - caring for young people, ensuring their holistic safety'. This is connected to the Mana Taiohi principle of Manaakitanga.

Professional Development

Core Competencies #10 – Works in a Strengths-Based and Mana Enhancing Way

This session will be exploring 'Works in a strengths based and mana enhancing (uplifting) way'. This Core Competency is informed by the Mana Taiohi principle Mana Manaakitanga.

Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #6 – Explores Hononga/Identity and Strengthening Connectedness

Join Simon Mareko and a group of Pasifika men as they explore Hononga – Identifying And Strengthening Connectedness. This session includes reflections on past quality connections, methods for fostering quality connections and other pearls of wisdom.

Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #5 – Prioritising Whanaungatanga/Building Quality Relationships

This session explores prioritising whanaungatanga - the building of quality relationships. This is related to the Mana Taiohi principle of Whanaungatanga.

Cultural Approaches

Core Competencies #4 – Practices Te Tiriti Based Partnerships

 This session is on Core Competency 4 - Practices Te Tiriti-based partnerships. The related Mana Taiohi Principle is Whakapapa Te Ao.

Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #3 – Supports the Development of Identity

This session explores Core Competency 2 and is hosted by Tane Keepa - Supports the development of identity. This relates to the Mauri Whakapapa Mana Taiohi principle.

Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #2 – Critically Reflects on the Context of Youth Work in Aotearoa

John Harrington explores the third Core Competency in this session - Critically reflects on the context of youth work in Aotearoa. This is connected to the Whakapapa (of youth work) Mana Taiohi principle.

Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #1 – Understands the Context of Young People

This is the first of ten webinars unpacking the Core Competencies of Youth Work in Aotearoa. In this first session, Fiona Beals discusses CC #1 - Understands the Context of Young People. The connected Mana Taiohi principle is Te Ao Taiohi Whakapapa Mauri.

Youth Development Approaches

Te Ao

Bilal is a long-time friend of Ara Taiohi and wrote an excellent article of the place of Te Ao within the Mana Taiohi framework. Here he talks about this article his story and how Te Ao fits amidst a COVID-19 context too.

Youth Development Approaches

Whai Wāhitanga

Rod, Hannah and Sarah unpack their article for Kaiparahuarahi on Youth Participation. "This korero is an opportunity to get a glimpse into the weird and wonderful minds behind our article and how it came to be.” – Hannah Dunlop

Youth Development Approaches

Manaakitanga 101

Join Sharon Davis as she discusses her article from Kaiparahuarahi on the power of Manaakitanga.

Youth Development Approaches

Mana, Mauri & Matekino

Matekino is the kaihautū for Ara Taiohi and a massive voice in the creation of Mana Taiohi. He brings a wealth of knowledge on Mana and Mauri as well as the entirety of Mana Taiohi and how it all fits together. Trust us. This is not a session to be missed!

Youth Development Approaches


Manuia le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa! Tune in to the sweet soulful heart that is Fati Tagoaias he discusses his Kaiparahuarahi article on Hononga.

Youth Development Approaches


Join us to hear from these amazing wahine toa in Nikki Hurst and Annabel Prescott in their discussion of Whakapapa.

Youth Development Approaches


In this post-covid world, we are learning ways to adapt our lives into the “new norm.” Watch this resource to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your learning on Mātauranga with Drs whaea Elizabeth Kerekere and Kelsey Deane.

Youth Development Approaches

Mana Taiohi

“Nau mai haere mai! We invite you to come and share space with Char and Jane as we reflect on the journey and the destination… that is Mana Taiohi.”

Engagement and Participation

Youth Week Special with the Classification Office

Hear about the amazing work the Classification Office are doing with their Youth Advisory Panel! Their young people are speaking and they are listening! Hear the interview with Georgia and Caitlin and the wisdom they have to share!

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Significant Event Response

Live for Tomorrow

Live For Tomorrow includes challenging responses to the online crisis, key insights from New Zealand young people and sharing of key tools tto effectively listen to young people in crisis online.

Youth Development Approaches


Hear how Jono Harrison of Dannevirke fame, utilised whanaungatanga in a rural context!

Significant Event Response

Tamariki and Rangatahi Post-Covid lockdown

Children's Commissioner Judge Becroft discusses how community organisations can respond to priorities for tamariki and rangatahi and shares insights into how children fared in the Covid-19 lockdown and what is needed to support young people going forward.

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