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Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #8 – Youth Workers are Reflective Practitioners

 This session explores 'Youth workers are reflective practitioners, informed by rich and diverse mātauranga'. This competency is informed by the Mana Taiohi principle of Mātauranga.

Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #6 – Explores Hononga/Identity and Strengthening Connectedness

Join Simon Mareko and a group of Pasifika men as they explore Hononga – Identifying And Strengthening Connectedness. This session includes reflections on past quality connections, methods for fostering quality connections and other pearls of wisdom.

Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #5 – Prioritising Whanaungatanga/Building Quality Relationships

This session explores prioritising whanaungatanga - the building of quality relationships. This is related to the Mana Taiohi principle of Whanaungatanga.

Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #2 – Critically Reflects on the Context of Youth Work in Aotearoa

John Harrington explores the third Core Competency in this session - Critically reflects on the context of youth work in Aotearoa. This is connected to the Whakapapa (of youth work) Mana Taiohi principle.

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Significant Event Response

eTherapy – When you Can’t Be in the Room

This is a narrated PowerPoint presentation providing basic guidance on how to use telehealth systems for working with service users and their families. The presentation includes guidelines, ethics and boundaries, working with children and managing risk.

Digital and Social Media

Cyber Safety Education

John is an Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant working with schools, the private sector and the health sector, providing specialist advice and direction on the safe and ethical use of Digital Communication Technology.

Health and Wellbeing

Porn and Young People in Aotearoa

This workshop explores the online porn landscape and NZ young people's consumption, behaviours and experiences of porn and the impacts on sexual attitudes, behaviours, health and wellbeing. Also discussed is porn literacy tools and NZ support services.

Professional Development

Child Protection Training (Part 1): An introduction or refresher course

This is a two-part webinar. Part one: What is child abuse? What are the signs or indicators? Part 2: How do we respond to a disclosure or if we are concerned? Documenting and reporting concerns. How the law guides and protects us.

Digital and Social Media

Digital Ethics

Responding to the global pandemic by exploring online options requires unique ethical considerations. This session introduces ethical concepts for digital youth work and provides information and resources to enhance youth work online.

Significant Event Response

Responding to Disclosures in Youth Work

This workshop explores responding to disclosures about depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidal ideation, sexual abuse/violence and responding to young people coming out about sexual/gender identity.


Experienced Youth Work Supervision Kōrero

This workshop is intended to further develop skills of experienced youth work supervisors and includes sharing practical experiences to deepen learning in supervision. We explore creative supervision agreements and common ethical issues

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