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Trainings by Rod Baxter

Professional Development

Core Competencies #10 – Works in a Strengths-Based and Mana Enhancing Way

This session will be exploring 'Works in a strengths based and mana enhancing (uplifting) way'. This Core Competency is informed by the Mana Taiohi principle Mana Manaakitanga.

Youth Development Approaches

Working within a Strengths-based Approach

This session summarises and redefines ”strengths-based” practice, builds upon existing strengths-focused and mana-enhancing approaches, offers ways of reframing your language, provides skills and frameworks for creating change and hope with young people.

Youth Development Approaches

Whai Wāhitanga

Rod, Hannah and Sarah unpack their article for Kaiparahuarahi on Youth Participation. "This korero is an opportunity to get a glimpse into the weird and wonderful minds behind our article and how it came to be.” – Hannah Dunlop

The following are for reference, and do not contain an accessible training
Engagement and Participation

Sharing the Kaupapa: Quality Relationships in Youth Mentoring

This is a training for mentors wanting to develop their skill building quality relationships with taiohi. NZYMN is the national hub for youth mentoring in Aotearoa, offering support in a diverse range of circumstances where mentoring relationships operate.

Health and Wellbeing

Strategies for Challenging Behaviours in Children 10+ Years

Based on actual experiences with young people who have been extremely excited, rowdy, defiant and inspiring, this workshop reframes how we respond to behaviours that challenge us, with a fundamentally strengths-based approach.

Digital and Social Media

Digital Ethics

Responding to the global pandemic by exploring online options requires unique ethical considerations. This session introduces ethical concepts for digital youth work and provides information and resources to enhance youth work online.


Considerations for Professional Supervisors

This workshop is intended to develop supervision skills and covers the roles and functions of supervision, guiding reflective conversation, questioning techniques, skills for balancing support and challenge, reflection and future development


Making the Most of Supervision

This workshop explores how to get the best out of supervision. The outline of the session includes: defining supervision, what should supervision be doing?, building a supervision agreement and preparing for and reflecting in supervision.


Experienced Youth Work Supervision Kōrero

This workshop is intended to further develop skills of experienced youth work supervisors and includes sharing practical experiences to deepen learning in supervision. We explore creative supervision agreements and common ethical issues

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