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Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #8 – Youth Workers are Reflective Practitioners

 This session explores 'Youth workers are reflective practitioners, informed by rich and diverse mātauranga'. This competency is informed by the Mana Taiohi principle of Mātauranga.

Health and Wellbeing

Werry Workforce Whāraurau: Self-care in trauma-informed organisations

This webinar will overview the importance of worker wellbeing, and consider ways organisations and individuals can foster workplace wellbeing and practice self-care to foster the resilience and energy essential for supporting others.

Youth Development Approaches

The Factors that Influence Positive Youth Development and Wellbeing Webinar – Kelsey Deane

Dr Kelsey Deane explores tensions surrounding different conceptualisations of what is and what leads to positive youth development and wellbeing from three popular international perspectives: adolescent health, resilience and Positive Youth Development.

Professional Development

Youth 19

In this seminar Youth19 co-leaders Associate Professor Terryann Clark and Dr Terry Fleming will present initial findings from Youth19 to highlight new trends, challenges and opportunities for supporting young people.

Organisational Development

Professional Wellness Seminar

Compassion fatigue and burnout can be serious occupational hazards within the helping profession. This seminar provides information to help identify the signs/symptoms of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout and ways to retain your wellness.

Youth Development Approaches

Manaakitanga 101

Join Sharon Davis as she discusses her article from Kaiparahuarahi on the power of Manaakitanga.

Youth Development Approaches


Join us to hear from these amazing wahine toa in Nikki Hurst and Annabel Prescott in their discussion of Whakapapa.

The following are for reference, and do not contain an accessible training
Significant Event Response

Workforce self-care post COVID

This presentation will overview the importance of worker wellbeing, and consider ways organisations and individuals can foster workplace wellbeing and practice self-care during this time of uncertainty.

Significant Event Response

Assessing Suicide Risk During Isolation

This presentation provides people working with youth online with information on exploring and managing safety concerns such as suicidal ideation. Liesje also provides information on valuable resources supporting young people's wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing

Supporting Young People’s Positive Development and Wellbeing – A Resourcc-building workshop

Dr Sue Bagshaw shares insights on the developing brain of young people, Psychologist Simi Desor shares tools to support positive youth development in uncertain times and Dr. Annie Horton shares research relating to the wellbeing of young people today.

Health and Wellbeing

Youth and Psychosis

This session explores psychosis - What is psychosis, Psychosis experiences in children and adolescent, intervention, why does psychosis develop? Recovery and wellbeing following psychosis, early intervention for first episode psychosis

Health and Wellbeing

HEADSS 1 and 2

This workshop will equip you with: An understanding adolescent brain development; Why HEEADSSSSS is an essential tool to use in youth health; Skills to conduct a HEEADSSSSS assessment.

Professional Development


If you want to know what causes young people to “lose their temper” become angry or violent, what the stages are that lead up to an angry outburst, and how to deescalate the situation as quickly as possible, you need to attend this workshop.

Significant Event Response

Psychological First Aid

Psychological First Aid is a ‘best practice’ approach to providing emotional and practical support to anyone in distress.This webinar includes: What PFA is; Helping with the 5 elements relating to COVID-19; The Action Principles of LOOK, LISTEN, LINK.

Health and Wellbeing

The Wellbeing of Young People: A Puzzle to be Solved, or Possibilities to be Realised?

Building on a model of youth wellbeing developed during a study of NZ High School students, this webinar explores different angles people working with and for young people can take are explored to support healthy development and wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing

Supporting Young People’s Positive Development and Wellbeing

Simi and Annie explore positive youth development in times of uncertainty, and insights about current research on what wellbeing for young people means. They also provide a framework for youth wellbeing and strategies to support young people's wellbeing

Significant Event Response

What’s the Point?

This workshop will brainstorm ideas for how youth workers can find strength and hope for the challenges after lockdown and ideas for assisting young people they work with do the same.

Significant Event Response

Tamariki and Rangatahi Post-Covid lockdown

Children's Commissioner Judge Becroft discusses how community organisations can respond to priorities for tamariki and rangatahi and shares insights into how children fared in the Covid-19 lockdown and what is needed to support young people going forward.

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