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Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #8 – Youth Workers are Reflective Practitioners

 This session explores 'Youth workers are reflective practitioners, informed by rich and diverse mātauranga'. This competency is informed by the Mana Taiohi principle of Mātauranga.

Health and Wellbeing

Werry Workforce Whāraurau: Self-care in trauma-informed organisations

This webinar will overview the importance of worker wellbeing, and consider ways organisations and individuals can foster workplace wellbeing and practice self-care to foster the resilience and energy essential for supporting others.

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Significant Event Response

Trauma-informed Care

The e-module series includes: Childhood Trauma: Impact on Development and Behaviour; Trauma-informed Care for Caregivers; Trauma-informed Care for the Children's Workforce; Self-care in Trauma-informed Organisations.

Significant Event Response

CAPA and Trauma

This webinar discusses how the Choice and Partnership Approach can enable organisations and systems to become more trauma-informed when responding to community trauma and provide practitioners with a framework to support whānau experiencing trauma.

Health and Wellbeing

Understanding and Working with Attachment in Children and Adolescents

Learn about the importance of Attachment, how to identify patterns in children and develop a framework for working with Attachment needs in practice. Also emphasised is the need for reflective practice in relation to Attachment Theory principles.

Significant Event Response

Post-Traumatic Stress

This workshop focuses on working with people who have experienced traumatic events and present with guilt, grief, relationship problems, etc. It offers a practical framework for intervention using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and positive psychology.

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