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Cultural Approaches

Tikanga Series #1 – Ko Wai Au?

This is the first in a series of trainings around understanding tīkanga through exploring the pōwhiri process and how the different elements can help both in our practice and in our lives. This session unpacks the importance of knowing who you are.

Youth Development Approaches

Te Ao

Bilal is a long-time friend of Ara Taiohi and wrote an excellent article of the place of Te Ao within the Mana Taiohi framework. Here he talks about this article his story and how Te Ao fits amidst a COVID-19 context too.

The following are for reference, and do not contain an accessible training
Cultural Approaches

Te Reo for Beginners

This course introduces -Tahi: building social skills with te reoRua: greetings and farewells. Toru: asking and saying how you are. Wha: mihimihi pronunciationRima: karakia. Ono: vowel, consonants, diphthongs, and correct pronunciation of Māori words.

Cultural Approaches

Cultural Awareness and the Treaty of Waitangi

This introduction or refresher level course covers: Cultural protocols in our programmes; Te Reo pronunciation tips; Why staff are required to do Treaty education? The Treaty in today’s context

Cultural Approaches

Tikanga Series #2 – Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Introduction to and discussion of Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi

Cultural Approaches

Tikanga Series #3 – Treaty o Waitangi #2

The main focus of this training will continue discussion from last week on the Treaty of Waitangi and will cover: - Why a Treaty in Aotearoa? What did the treaty say? Historical contex. Relevance for youth work practice.

Cultural Approaches

Tikanga Series #4 – Pōwhiri Process – Wero

The pōwhiri process is introduced beginning with the wero (challenge) including: What to consider before entering into a relationship with tangata whenua, hapū and Māori? Rules of engagement. Who are we are approaching? How does this relate to youth work?

Cultural Approaches

Tikanga Series #5 – Pōwhiri Process – Waharoa/Karanga

This training session will continue on the discussion of the pōwhiri process with a particular focus on Waharoa/Karanga with connections made to working with youth

Cultural Approaches

Tikanga Series #6 – Whaikōrero

Join Danette Abraham-Tiatia and Tane Keepa as they carry on the conversation begun in previous workshops about the pōwhiri process. This workshop will focus on the Whaikōrero.

Cultural Approaches

Tikanga Series #7 – Whare/Kai

This workshop will continue to look at the pōwhiri process with particular focus on the whare and kai.

Cultural Approaches

Tikanga Series #8 – Wānanga

This workshop will focus on the Wānanga in the pōwhiri process.

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