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Supporting New Zealand born Pacific youth

Watch our webinar to hear Sam Pilisi explore how and why New Zealand-born Pacific youth serve their families, churches and communities.

The following are for reference, and do not contain an accessible training
Significant Event Response

Trauma-informed Care

The e-module series includes: Childhood Trauma: Impact on Development and Behaviour; Trauma-informed Care for Caregivers; Trauma-informed Care for the Children's Workforce; Self-care in Trauma-informed Organisations.

Professional Development


This presentation is on Supporting Parents Healthy Children implementation and how one of two specific interventions (Single Session Family Consultation and the 5-Step Method) ‘fit’ within a Choice and Partnership Approach (CAPA) service delivery.

Significant Event Response

CAPA and Trauma

This webinar discusses how the Choice and Partnership Approach can enable organisations and systems to become more trauma-informed when responding to community trauma and provide practitioners with a framework to support whānau experiencing trauma.

Significant Event Response

Supporing Family/Whānau through Isolation

How we support whānau to understand: * That looking after themselves will support them looking after their children * The top parenting Go To's during Covid-19 * What kids need during Covid-19

Digital and Social Media


This presentation over views online tools Sparx, Aroha chat box and Quest Te Whitianga and how these can be used in practice with young people and whānau

Professional Development

The Ngātahi Children’s Workforce Development Programme in Hawke’s Bay

This talk discusses the whakapapa of the Ngātahi workforce development programme for practitioners working with children and families experiencing complex mental health, addictions and social issues, its development and impacts on practitioners and whānau

Professional Development

Foundations in ICAMH/Youth AOD Train the Trainer

Foundations in ICAMH course provides foundational learning in infant, child and youth mental health and working with whānau. It aims to upskill workers in screening and brief intervention work with young people with AOD issues.

Professional Development

Partnering with Māori Whānau and Engaging with Pasifika Families

This presentation provides guidance for workers when partnering with Māori and Pacifika whānau/families.

Health and Wellbeing

National Youth Training e-forum – Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders

Understanding disordered eaitng and eating disorders; Thinking about eating - sorting out fact from fiction; Working with family/whānau; Treatment options

Health and Wellbeing

Working with Children with Restricted Diets

This presentation explores drivers of picky eating, Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, dynamics that maintain restricted eating pattern, barriers to changing patterns and strategies for encouraging children to experience new foods.

Professional Development

Foundations in Infant Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ICAMH)

Foundations in ICAMH explores infant, child, youth mental health and working with whānau. The 4 modules: Core Concepts/Infant Mental Health; Child Mental Health; Youth Mental Health; Supporting Infant Wellbeing, Children, Young People and Whānau.

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