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Digital and Social Media

Cyber Safety Education

John is an Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant working with schools, the private sector and the health sector, providing specialist advice and direction on the safe and ethical use of Digital Communication Technology.

Health and Wellbeing

Motivational Interviewing

Session themes: 1) Introducing ambivalence, 2) A motivational approach, 3) Know your righting reflex, 4) Practice

Organisational Development

Staff Selection – Safer Recruitment Strategies for Success!

This training covers: What the Children's Act 2014 states regarding safe recruitment of staff; Following steps to ensure staff are safe and suitable; What checks are needed and how to undertake these; Example questions for interviews and reference checks

Professional Development

Child Protection Training (Part 1): An introduction or refresher course

This is a two-part webinar. Part one: What is child abuse? What are the signs or indicators? Part 2: How do we respond to a disclosure or if we are concerned? Documenting and reporting concerns. How the law guides and protects us.

Professional Development

Child Protection Training (Part 2)

Topics covered (part 2)- How do we respond if we have a concern or there is a disclosure? How to document and report concerns. How the law guides and protects us.

Professional Development

Safeguarding Children eLearning courses

Our organisation offers a range of online course including: Fundamentals of Child Protection; Child Protection for Out-of-School Care Providers; Child Protection for Local Government Children’s Workers

Digital and Social Media

Social Media Policies

This session covers important information that Christian (session facilitator) has learned about creating social media policies for his team.

Digital and Social Media

Digital Ethics

Responding to the global pandemic by exploring online options requires unique ethical considerations. This session introduces ethical concepts for digital youth work and provides information and resources to enhance youth work online.

Significant Event Response

Responding to Disclosures in Youth Work

This workshop explores responding to disclosures about depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidal ideation, sexual abuse/violence and responding to young people coming out about sexual/gender identity.

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