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Health and Wellbeing

Working with Children with ADHD (Part 1)

Topics covered (part 1):• Understanding what ADHD is and how it presents in the child – how the world works for these children• Support strategies for working with the ADHD child• Tailoring your environment to prevent the frustration and anxiety build up.

Health and Wellbeing

Working with Children with Autism (ASD) – Part 1 & 2

Topics module 1- What is autism?- A nonlinear spectrum- Executive functioning- Theory of Mind- Managing autism and anxiety. Topics module 2- Sensory difficulties – adjusting the environment to be autism friendly- Stimming- Meltdowns vs tantrums

Health and Wellbeing

ADHD in Teens – Strategies for Success

Learn practical strategies for helping teens with ADHD to succeed in school. Topics covered: ADHD and changes in the teenage brain, medication, strategies for positive change, dealing with emotions, adjusting our expectations, allowing for independence

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