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Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #6 – Explores Hononga/Identity and Strengthening Connectedness

Join Simon Mareko and a group of Pasifika men as they explore Hononga – Identifying And Strengthening Connectedness. This session includes reflections on past quality connections, methods for fostering quality connections and other pearls of wisdom.

Youth Development Approaches

Core Competencies #3 – Supports the Development of Identity

This session explores Core Competency 2 and is hosted by Tane Keepa - Supports the development of identity. This relates to the Mauri Whakapapa Mana Taiohi principle.

Cultural Approaches

Tikanga Series #1 – Ko Wai Au?

This is the first in a series of trainings around understanding tīkanga through exploring the pōwhiri process and how the different elements can help both in our practice and in our lives. This session unpacks the importance of knowing who you are.

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