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Significant Event Response

Mental Health and Wellbeing During Covid-19 FREE Webinar

3 workshops run by Youthline Wellington: 1) Self-care in Our Changed Environment, 2) How Youthline changed My Life, 3) Navigating Anxiety

Significant Event Response

Managing Childhood Anxiety in Isolation

This presentation features childhood anxiety with a focus on recognition, assessment and intervention. Information is also shared on the experience of anxiety for children and parents in a COVID-19 environment.

Health and Wellbeing

Understanding and Managing Children’s Anxiety

Gain a basic understanding of anxiety and how it relates to children. Learn how to support parents/workers with anxious children to feel confident and competent to manage anxious behaviours in a way that promotes the child’s bravery and wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing

Anxiety and Depression in Youth

In this session we consider the complex interplay of biological and environmental processes which contribute to the emergence, progression and improvement of mental health issues in adolescence.

Health and Wellbeing

Anxiety at School

In this workshop participants will learn practical strategies to effectively respond to children and teens with anxiety and ways to capture the powerful buffering role school can play in strengthening all young people against anxiety at school and beyond.

Health and Wellbeing

Overcoming Anxiety

This webinar helps participants to recognise anxiety disorders in children and adolescents by exploring signs of anxiety, where they come from, why they exist and provides a range of practical and powerful intervention techniques

Significant Event Response

Post-Traumatic Stress

This workshop focuses on working with people who have experienced traumatic events and present with guilt, grief, relationship problems, etc. It offers a practical framework for intervention using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and positive psychology.

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