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Trainings by Michael Hempseed

The following are for reference, and do not contain an accessible training
Health and Wellbeing

Suicide Prevention

This workshop discusses research about suicide and provides tools to identify people who may be suicidal. Also covered: Sleep deprivation as a risk for suicide, childhood and inter-generational trauma, cluster effect, same day crisis and instant suicides.

Professional Development


If you want to know what causes young people to “lose their temper” become angry or violent, what the stages are that lead up to an angry outburst, and how to deescalate the situation as quickly as possible, you need to attend this workshop.

Health and Wellbeing

Suicide Prevention for 2020 – Part One & Two

Hear the latest research in effective suicide prevention, where and how to help someone, misconceptions, impacts of sleep deprivation, how to address suicide safely with young people, how to support young people if there has been a death by suicide.

Health and Wellbeing

Identifying and Understanding the Importance of Sleep

This webinar covers the relationship between sleep and wellbeing, bullying, metal illness, suicide, memory, self-esteem. IIt also looks at different sleeping patterns and problems and provides strategies to teach young people to sleep better.

Health and Wellbeing

Self Harm

This webinar covers: What self-harm is, why young people do it, when someone needs medical attention, why self-harm is considered a contagious behaviour, when self-harm turns into suicide, and addresses common misconceptions of “seeking attention”

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